Saturday, February 23, 2008

fortune cookie

So, I'm getting ready to teach in the new studio (What? What's she talking about... New studio? Another post, I promise!) tomorrow. This is scary. Do I have everything? I just don't know. I tried to run through the whole process in my mind, but my mind is just, well, I just don't know. I went to the bindery and loaded boxes up with things i know I'll need and then stopped at the local eco store, Ecowise and bought some hemp twine to make the cords out of. I also bought a chocolate bar and chatted about my composting toilet with the owner... Got back in my car and drove home.

I decided after unloading all the crap from the car to walk to a local Chinese restaurant where they used to have curry chicken. It's not too far. So I walked, and of course they don't have it any more. So I ordered another chicken dish and sat there eating slowly like I learned from Ricë and Earl and they brought me the check (the waiters, not Ricë and Earl) and my fortune cookie. I looked in my purse and... No wallet. I remembered leaving it on the dash of the car when I left Ecowise. So I had to convince them to let me go get it, which they were loathe to do without an ID, but, of course, I didn't have an ID because it, too, was on the dashboard of the car. I told them I'd leave them my iPhone, but they didn't care. "How do we know it's yours?" they asked. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it mattered if it was mine; it's still worth more than a $9 Chinese dinner no matter whose it is, but when I promised to leave my whole damn purse with my DIARY, they agreed.

So I RAN home. Well waddled. But still, very quick for me. And I retrieved my wallet and went back and paid and resumed eating.

My fortune?

Your heart is pure and your mind is clear.

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Ricë said...

you do this whole blog thang so well it's a fucking shame you don't do it more regularly. too bad for us, your fans.