Monday, December 22, 2008

How green can you be?

Ok. I don't normally post photos of toilets on my blog. Heck, I don't normally post photos of toilets on anyone's blog, but today I was at the new UFCU branch in Austin. It is VERY proud of how green it is, with rainwater harvesting and optimal solar placement and lord knows whatall.

And, in the bathroom is one of those new 'dual flush' toilets... You know, the ones with different amounts of water for, ummm, number 1 and number 2? And that's cool, and it's cool that it's filled with rainwater, but do people really drink out of toilets?

Maybe the sign is for dogs.


Roz said...

Wendy, I love this. Thanks for posting it. I'm thinking they have to post that warning on the toilet or dogs might sue!

Ricë said...

OK, that whole dual flushing? people who crap in public should be FLOGGED, not given an option for optimal flushing!

wendy hale davis said...

But, Ricë, it may be your only chance to crap in rainwater!

Amy in Austin said...

you guys are nuts!

Anonymous said...

It does seem silly but it is actually a city ordinance to post the sign. Who actually would drink the water and then sue if they got me

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