Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar night

At the last minute last night I got an invite to a fabulous Oscar Party at Charlie and Sarah's house from my friend Wendy O. The idea was to dress for the red carpet. Wendy (O) took pictures of the guests at Charlie and Sarah's fabulous house.

What could I wear? Somehow, with all the clothes I have, I don't have a formal, and really, nothing else will do for the red carpet. I did have a pair of 4" pewter strappy lizard skin heels, which would've looked wonderful with something as long as I didn't have to walk very far, but I had no dress.

I looked in my teenitesy little closet and saw my hand-painted black velvet circle skirt with thousands of sequins. I've had it for nigh on to 25 years, and I think it was probably pretty close to that old when I got it, so it is an ancient and venerable thing. And ancient and venerable and very flashy thing. It would certainly do for flash, but no one in their right mind would really wear it to Oscar night...

Unless they were the Best Foreign Film of 2008. So that's what I went as...

Of course, since I was wearing my Taxco skirt (that's what's painted on the border; apparently it's a scene from Taxco), I could wear my cowboy boots, which meant I could walk like a human.

ps. Wendy O - very smartly - went as the Press!


Ricë said...

you look ravishing, my dear!

Roz said...

Wendy, you look FABULOUS. (I also love how your friend was thinking—going as the press, but I noticed they were pretty dressed up too.)

I'm so glad you could wear the Cowboy boots!!!


Charly Mann said...

Hey Wendy - Just ran into a couple of things about you by coincidence the other day, as I was doing a little research on your Dad and Greenwood.

Please send me you e-mail or phone to:

I need you help and memories on some Chapel Hill stuff I just started doing this week.


Charly Mann (Carol's brother)

Bea said...

I love the outfit!