Thursday, February 11, 2010

small joys...

Spotiswode, on the stove...

Shit. You just cannot be excited - about the weather, anyway - when it's 37 when you wake up and the high expected is 38, AND the fucking bouncy stuff is bouncing off the frozen grass in your back yard... Alternating with freezing raindrops... They're not actually freezing, they just feel that way when they slide down the back of your neck when you're out feeding cats. Nope. Just not very exciting weather.

It's a good thing I'm working on the beadboard panels today for the house, because flinging paint around IS exciting. And I'm mostly flinging around red and yellow paint, so it's primarily exciting. The baseboard trim is mostly done. It's not nailed in because I don't have a nail gun, but I'll borrow one soon. For now it's in place and looks like it's been put up and gives me a feeling of small joy and accomplishment every time I walk in the house. I'd take a picture but it's nothing really, a truly small joy. 

On top of that, it's Thursday, the day Mi Madres has tortilla soup. The special is a huge bowl of tortilla soup and a beef taco, which I always get to go. They have good hot sauce. Today is a perfect soup day. Plus, I have a cat on my lap, one who looks up at me every now and again with a look that says - to me - "I absolutely positively adore you." It probably more accurately is saying "When are you going to feed us our warm cat food?" but everyone needs their little illusions to get by.

From that, you can infer that the cats are in the house today, or in and out, as they choose. It's too cold on the porch to leave them there all day, although some of them like it. That, too, is lovely, if you like cats.


Serena said...

I've never had tortilla soup but I've found some recipes on the net to try. Cute's almost like your cat is trying to decide what you are going to cook for dinner.

I would love to see a pic of your baseboard trim sounds like you've chosen lovely bright and cheery colours.

While you cope with winter temps, we are dealing with summer temps. I groan about it being too hot and humid. :(

Enjoy your soup and taco!

wendy hale davis said...

We had record heat here last summer, and drought, and now it's pouring and record (almost) cold. Of course I moved to Texas because it was mostly hot and sunny, so I feel like it's ok for me to gripe about the weather. Hot, I like. Humid, no!