Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How many more?

I get on color kicks... Limited ones because I carry limited supplies with me... And, limited as I feel they are - artistically - they weigh a lot, so I'm considering limiting myself even more!

I'm really into the apricot/lime/blueberry.

That's a line - I'm gonna grow and glow... - from a Billy Joe Shaver song. I love Billy Joe. He can shoot people and get away with it.

I love cinnamon, and Vietnamese cinnamon truly rocks. It's dark and really spicy. It's odd for someone who came of age in the '60s to be able to buy stuff from Viet Nam... You'll see a line on the right hand page: HORRIBLE NEWS... That's referring to the closing of Magnolia Grill in Durham, NC, one of the finest restaurants I have ever eaten in. Whenever I ate there, I saved the menu and pasted it in my journal, noting who had what alongside the entrées. Plus, I could always give gift certificates from there to my family and know that they would be used and appreciated. Alas!

 I never read Sendak books, except to my youngest child. Heck, I didn't even read Dr Seuss books when I was a kid; they were beneath my reading level when they started coming out, so the only time I saw them was when other kids had them. I thot they were silly.

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