Monday, April 2, 2012

The first of the missing pages...

Back to page 35, one of the missing pages on the black Fabriano Artistico. It's supposed to be a portrait of Roscoe Holcomb, but it doesn't look like him.

Still, I like the illustration. It's done with NeoColor IIs. I just like layering the colors up. It's coated with Krylon's Crystal Clear, in a probably vain attempt to keep it from leaving color on the opposite page.


journalrat said...

Wendy, I really love the way you built this on the black and had all that blue. Yummy. Are you using these dry? Did you do any wetting of any of the layers.

So I was wondering, do you think if we took time to put Microglaze over pages like this that would help against smudging? I've used microglaze on some heavy-use gouache pages not because I was worried about smearing but because I wanted to protect the surface. And it was fun to test.

My friend Roberta Avidor uses colored pencil and watersol. colored pencil in her journals and they never seem to smudge as much as in mine! I must really clutch my book when I'm working on the next pages!

wendy hale davis said...

Mine always smear. Pencil, crayon, whatever... Ink. I'm a smeary person. I haven't used Microglaze, but if you think it would stop it from smearing, I'll try some. I use the Krylon - which I assume you won't use because of smell/off gassing - but I also put wax paper or glassine between pages sometimes. I don't do as much art as you do, so that works OK for me. Glad you like the page.

It's all dry work, no wet. When I do the wet, I lose the texture which gives it the black speckles.