Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All caught up!

Yikes! We'll be all caught up by the end of this post, unless I wake up in the middle of the night and write something, which seems bloody unlikely...

Note the decorative paper - it's actually two strips, pasted side by side, of a paper I covered a little book with earlier this week... I'll post some pics of it at the end - that is actually a wrapping paper, I think. Not a traditional 'decorative paper' by any means, but really pretty.

Page 29 was written at a club in the dark, just in case you're wondering about the sloppiness. I have to do that frequently, write and draw in the dark. It's kinda fun, actually, like when you play Cranium and have to draw things with your eyes closed! My family plays Cranium when we go to the beach. I'm pretty good at drawing things with my eyes closed. My family is even pretty good at guessing what they are! It's the Humdingers that are our downfall with that game. We never know any of the songs, so we all submit songs that we do know and might possibly be able to hum to chose from instead.
This is one of my favorite recent pages. It's got drawings. Heck, it's got drawings that are talking! And it has another of my favorite things for journals: an autograph. Admittedly, it's an illegible autograph, so I had to write the guy's name over it so we'd all know who it was. I spelled his name wrong - it's Rafe Stefanini - so I'll have to write about THAT in my journaling tomorrow!

Oh yeah, the little bookie wookie pictures I promised!

It's got another one of those beaded headbands, and the white leather is actually vellum.

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journalrat said...

Sloppy! I'm laughing. Even in the dark you're pages are stunningly beautiful. Love those sketches. Roz